Artist Research

For my first assignment I will be designing a playing card in a style that I have selected. I have mainly been interested in dadaism, and its possibly larger spin off, pop art.
Here are a few artist I have looked into from these genres.
I will of course update or create new blog posts once I find more artist that I Like.


Jamie Reid (1947)

Most well known for his work with the Sex Pistols. Reid use of bold vibrant colour and photo collage in his work, reminding me a lot of other artist like Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein.

His work, featuring letters cut from newspaper headlines in the style of a ransom note. This works well in displaying text as its bold and very eye catching and reminds me a lot of dadaism photo collages, mainly Hannah Hoch due to the simplistic and minimalist.

The normally black and white newspaper clipping text works well when it is against the vibrant colours used in Reid designs.


Roy Lichtenstein (1923 – 1997)

was an American pop artist. During the 1960s.  His work defined the basic premise of pop art through parody. Favoring the comic strip as his main inspiration, Lichtenstein produced hard-edged, precise compositions that documented while it parodied often in a tongue-in-cheek manner.  Roy work is heavily inspired by comic books, especially ones from the 40’s With a lot of his how being remakes of classic comic book frames. This use of copying images and cartoons from your childhood would later go on to inspire Brian Donnelly aka KAWS, one of my favorite artists.

The Colour pallet that Roy uses is pretty similar throughout his works, with the same reds and yellows being used for the explosive flames of a crashing plane and the hair of a crying woman. These almost vintage feeling saturated colours and the classic cartoony drawing style, with thick black outlines, makes Roy’s work very identifying and unique.


Brian Donnelly (1974)

professionally known as KAWS, is a New York-based artist and designer of limited-edition toys and clothing. Kaws is not a Pop artist, starting originally in the 90s as a graffiti artist, we working billboard and phone booth ads, he later made more commercial and traditional gallery style piece. Some of his most famous works are paintings that feature characters from his childhood, like spongebob or snoopy. As well as his own character “Companion” what he has made into Large statues, figure and even a huge inflatable balloon for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2012.

Kaws use of colour in his paintings are very vibrant complaint his cartoony style of painting. It is a same colour pallet you might see on the works of pop artist like Rosalyn Drexler or Andy Warhol. His work much like Roy Fox Lichtenstein is also inspired, like I previously said, by cartoons and comics however KAWS work although looking very colorful and playful is also somewhat devious. with the X’s covering up the characters eyes contacting that they are dead,  and the strange patchwork collage style seems very strange for a cartoon and feel a lot like something you would see in a drug fueled piece from the 70’s or early 80’s by someone like Warhol.     



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