Hannah Hoch

Hannah Hoch was a german dada artist and one of the originators of photomontage, a collage style work where the artist would cut up real photographs and newspaper clipping to create their works. Often being poilitcy and socially charged. This is especially true when it comes to Hoch as one of the only hand full of female dadaist her works and what she brought to the movement was often overlooked.

Infact many of hoch peer were hesitant about having a woman in their ranks, with Hans Richter say once that he was surprised how she was able to buy “sandwiches, beer and coffee” and Raoul Hausmann, another dada founder and her former partner, even suggested that Höch get a job to support him financially.

Hoch turned this criticism and hypocrisy of the Berlin Dada group and German society as a whole in her work, including the piece “Da-Dandy” (1st / left painting) and her short essay “The Painter”.

Hoch’s work also criticised the mass culture beauty industry and is a great example of social criticism and humour within dadaism. As well as the creativity and originality of the art movement.

am example of all their elements can be seen in another one, and probably her most well known work, entitled “Cut with the Dada Kitchen Knife through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany”.  Where she includes a lot of role reversal with with other dadaist (poking fun at them) and turns german politicians, who were using shady tactics and were seen as very shadey after ww1, into comedic looking characters. It is also a great example of scale in here work with the piece being very busy as she turns clipping from newspaper in a piece, what at first glance, can seem rather cluttered. However if you look closer at it and study the words and figures you can see that the piece is divided into two halfs and is speaking on how dada was perceived by the higher up in society and the hypocrisy within dada itself. As a lot of the male german dadaist had idea of changing the world, one of these changes being equal rights for woman. Whoever like I said they were rather sexist in partitist.

The third piece (right most piece) is a detailed example of something I was inspired by for my card design. Its very simple and is a great example of photomontage in work.

All their three of these pieces show the recurring colour scheme of hoch’s work, what is very muted, what of course came from the printing and photographic technology being very poor, compared to today’s standard. What their the main medium of her work.



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