Card Design

For The first week of design I wanted to map out and work out all of the separate assists that I would need for each part of the card design. To work out the scale and feel of the card, and to play around with the placement and colours also the background what I have yet to finalise.

I started with the text, I used standard san serif fonts and to spell out “Sovereign” then turn them into an outline and un-grouped them so I could move them into an the patchwork and rustic feel that I wanted(to make it look like it was really pasted down and imperfect),making some letter smaller and bigger and grouping other letter together and leave the “V” alone and prominent.

After this this and looking back at my hand drawn plan I saw that there was, and would be after the head figure would be placed, a large area of blank space in the top and bottom left of the card. I was debating if I should leave this space blank as I would suit some works in the style before, however I ended up adding more text as I thought I could use the more text to experiment and have a verity of font and word designs. My current idea is to have the newly added “Our”being hand wrote with a graphic tablet and ruler being one larger randsom style text.

All the letter used so far are templates and will be replaced once I have the finished assets.



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