Back Design…

Much like for the content holding boxes on the front of my card I used the pen tool to create a basic flag design, again my colour scheme to colour them and using the roughen tool to make each stripe look like it was a piece of paper ripped out. What I thought looked very effective on my front design, and could like the two (back and front) together.

Next I moved onto making the suits what would replace the stars, much like the suits on the front of my card design, using a graphics tablet I drew out all four symbals using the blog tool and colour them in a frantic and messy style, to like back to the front design (mainly the bald eagle) Then I lined them up into a pattern row so no of the same two suits would touch and placed them over the blue box.


Aftering doing this the flag looked way to plan and generic and did not really match my artist movement, so I looked back at my front design to see what worked and if there was anything I could re-use or bring over stylisticly. One of the main elements I liked from the front design was the mix match patchwork style “King” text on the lower half of the page. I had the idea the idea early to add some satrical and false trump in this style.



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