Colour Pallet

I am back in illustrator and working on my new design. Now, with it being the second time round, I have a bit more knowledge about what I should do and where should start for example last time round I did not have a fully fleshed out colour scheme what would have been easy to make I would have helped out my design process a lot. So that is the first thing that I created looking at other dada photomontage works and using the colour I pick up on some of these I have targeted some main colours that off their rocker and I shall be using in my piece. These include: Browns both pale and darker, Black, Orange (what was picked for trump’s iconic hair) and Red for bold headlines. I’m choosing not to use white ants distant worker in newspapers of the 1920s as bleaching paper was more costly instead I’m using off-white yellow what reflects more of a craft paper / newspaper feel and makes it look more realistic. The only downside to this being the Iconic red white and blue American flag shall look slightly off. I’ve also selected slightly darker versions of each of these colours for shading purposes.

On the colour palette images shading colours are above and the primary colours are below.

Looking at the colour colour palette on its own you can see that the colours were quite harmonious and the red and orange a very strong and will be a very effective to highlight areas.


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