Finished Front Design…

After adding the text and applying the peer review ideas to my design I was pretty much done. All I had to do was add the pointillize effect and I was done… after waiting 10 minutes for it to render out and another 10 for it to save I have my finished design!

Also to note the pointillize effect effect on the “Make America” text make it so the orange “Great” was hardly visible so it had to be changed to the background off white colour

Final Front Card Design
Final Front Card Design

I’m really like this design, I feel as if I have done the: Brief, the art movement, and my idea all justice. Everything turned out well and there is only one thing that I would add, what is a drop shadow. However this idea ha to be scraped due to a lack of time due to poor time management. This would of added, in my option a great realistic feeling and make it look just a bit better. This would have been done by copying the content holding rectangles and making them the darker shade (from my colour scheme) putting them behind there respected layouts and moving them up a few pixels then use a blur effect on them.

Other than that I feel like this poster has everything else, A lot of vairent and unique type what grap the eye, especially the “Trump Wins” what was placed at an angle and coloured in red to graps the views and give some idea about what this piece is about. The same can be said about the jamie read inspired “King” where I used a mix of fonts to create this, your eye is instantly drawn into by the italic san serif K and leads you across the bag to the bald eagle. This is rather useful as the eagle at first glance could come off as just a point less scribble. However with you’re eye naturally falling on it you’re able to anaylise and discover what it is, due to the more detailed shapes.  The colour choices I choose for the mid portion mainly the orange hair, what is Synonymous now with Trump and will reinforce the point that it is Donald J Trump. The colour, again were also draw a viewer  in and will make make them study the piece especially the puppet like head, this angular style flat head Much like the “trump wins” text Will grab the viewers I due to it dynamic placing.




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