More Artist Research…

Now that I have decided to restart my design I have also decided to look at some more artest to hopefully get some ideas for my card…

Raoul Hausmann

Like the hannah hoch, Raoul Hausmann is a dada artist what uses photomontage collages (as well as other mediums)  however His focus on large works and typography (like Hoch, from newspaper clippings) is something I feel like I can re-purpose for my card design.

He also uses a similar colour scheme as Hoch what is something I especially like about her work and also his.



Dash Snow

Another artist I looked out with dash snow, he is not a dadaist however his work is politically charged and he uses a photo montage style collage to his pieces often using large figures in American politics such as Ronald Reagan.

Alex knows use of the photo montage style what is different to dadaism, how are they still politically charged like the dadaists. Especially like the large photos that he uses in his pieces what is something I may want to add to mine.

After looking at these artists and going back to the office I’ve previously researched like Jean arp I have a new idea for what my card design will look like and believe it is something that will be easily made in Adobe Illustrator.



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