Peer Review…

In class today we all went around as a group, computer to computer, to look at everyone work and give ideas on what each person should do to there work.

My work, was not yet finished and had a few areas mainly on the lower part of the card design what where empty and I did not know what to add, so wanted some help and ideas on what to add.

There seemed to be a bit of confusing about what type of card it was, The King or The Joker… what was quite funny and scary to imagine the next american president to be seen as a clown before he got into office. It seemed my “King of the free world” did not clearly show them and I was suggested to add a “K” or king to the card, a criticism I had when pitching my idea in class for my old design. They also thought there was a lot of negative space what need to be filled what I agree with.


After these Ideas I had the idea of adding in a blurb or full news paper clipping in the style of hannah hoch in the lower part of my card. also to use the pink lower box to show the work “King” in jamie reid style ransom note text. using different font types for each letter.


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