Hey their, just a quick post about why I decide to change my ideas as I don’t think I express my ideas enough. The main reason was just because I felt like the cross-dressing idea was not coming to plan as I thought it would look a lot better for a lack of a better word, perhaps more funnier and satirical in my head but this did not come to plan wants I created it in illustrator. Also my main idea was to use Real World newspaper clippings and scan them in and use image trace on illustrator to make the images into vectors and scale able to scale them up for a1. But again this did not work after many failed attempts. Also as I said in my previous post the idea of using Trump seemed very timely topical and humorous what is something that I feel like was a key theme and reason for dadaism and the movement as a whole and would reflect the movement better especially as Prince Charles, my previous “ target” would not in the news and there was no strong political message of hatred behind him… all really the royal family as a whole so I could not get as passionate behind the peace like artists like hot did to their “ targets”.

Also because trump has been in the new cycle for around a year and a half making so many headlines and articles about him his much is a more recognisable figure animated figure and people will be able to understand the satire and humour in my card design better than Prince Charles.

Also Trump is an idiot and it’s funny to make fun of him…


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