Looking at the current state of my front side card, all I need to add is text.

the “Trump is elected” was from a screenshot that I had collected for research, and thought would work nicely in my piece. The idea was to just re-type out the phrase, however I knew what else I was going to add and knew that there would be alot of typed text using the text tool. So instead I placed the image into my work and image traced it, what I know would distort and mess it up slightly. However I wanted this to happen so it stood out, looking at it know it makes me feel that this piece of text is older, as if the piece was made a few years from now and that this is a real news paper clipping but it have just been ripped and messed up. what works well with not only the art style but the vintage colour scheme.

For trumps now Infamous catchphrase “Make America Great Again” I looked online to see all of the Iconic hats and other merchandise to see if I could recognise the font style used on the hats, I also googled it question and found out that it was just generic times new Roman. Every common and basic sans-serif. With this knowledge I went back on to illustrator and use the type tool to type out the catch phrase, scaling it up to fit the content box that I have already created. Then I went into options Type, and created an outline and ungrouped the phrase into separate groups of each word. Make this text more dynamic and to stand out I placed each word at a different angle I also change the great to Orange to make it stand out. Also adding quotation marks around the word great to imply that America has always been great to some extent and that the catchphrase was unneeded and pointless

Now that all of my main text was added in I had a play around with a graphics table and different types of text and designed this “exhibit commander in chief” text, I have desided to include this as I feel like it renforses the idea that the images and text are just re purposed from a real world future text book talking about trumps presidency


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