The Bird…

What are my main ideas afford this new card design was inclusion of a bald eagle stamp what you often see in classified American documents corporation of this stamp slash logo was too remind and reinforce the point that Trump is now the leader of the biggest country / superpower in the world and he will now be able to see all of this classified information what could greatly affect the entire world.

Also the bald eagle is iconically American and is a symbol of free speech and safety and arguably piece what ideas that haven’t been shown buy trump and I think is a good counter balance especially if the two of us next together as it shows freedom and what could be a pressure side by side.

To make the bird I looked online for documents logos and government branches that use a bald eagle and use the pencil again to create one similar. How is that it was not symmetrical and did not look good like this, but I knew that time was running out and I needed a way to easily fix this looking back at my sketchbook and the ideas that I had I knew I wanted to incorporate a more rustic realistic feeling like the piece was from the real world and not digital. One idea I had played around with was to use Mark making Style sketch design, the first time I did this was for the diamond however while playing around in the effects tab in illustrator I saw a tool called scribble, what emulator this effect and the made the bird look more rustic and a lot better than it did without this effect on. However the scribble made the face unrecognisable so like the face design I copied the original pen drawing and use the lighter scribble effect on a to make the face more clear and pasted the new face design on the bird.


Bald Eagle Design
Bald Eagle Design

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