Where I am Now…

Looking back on where the main themes of dadaism it’s very clear that my card design should be politically charged like Hannah Hoch and Dash snow’s work where. And looking at the current political climate especially in America there is one person that springs to mind that is as polarizing and hated by some, as much as Reagan was ( what you can see in dash snow’s work). Of course I am talking of Donald J Trump, currently the President-elect for the United States of America. Trump has polarised the world round with seemingly racist and bigoted statements towards Muslims Mexicans females and many others… And is the perfect person For a dada Style card design / criticism.

Currently I have the idea of a large puppet headed figure of trump opening his mouth and saying something ridiculous as he often has done. Against newspaper clippings of the reaction of the world to this news that he has became president. Because there are so many quotable lines from trump what shows his idiotic behaviour and Biddick bigotry my idea for the back design is to have the American flag however the strips been replaced with quotes by him.

I have already started planning this in my sketchbook, and we’ll work on illustrator this Monday.



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