I have been asked to design a website. The website main focus and content is around the Art Movement of Arts and Craft…an art movement I didn’t know about (but had scene) before been given this brief.The website must be suitable for; Desktop Computers, Tablet and Mobile Devices. As I knew little about the art movement I thought it to be a good idea to make a website targeted at my age range (late teen) as I would imagine much like myself that people in my age range had also not heard of this moment. To suit this age range and help promote the art movement I made a mind map and though what I would like to see in a website about this movement – I also looked at other examples of websites focusing on arts and crafts to see where I could get inspired and see what this rather niche market is missing…


After looking at other websites focusing on this movement, it’s clear that none of them are trying to appeal directly to my target audiences, with a lot of the sites being: outdated, cluttered and dull… almost the complete opposite of the works they are trying to showcase. This is why I will try and make my website design: Modern, harmonious and vibrant. To do this I will be having a large focus on images using them as full image backgrounds and possibly using a lot of image sliders, this will work well as the large images will be vibrant and appealing to my target audiences, but will also work within the movement style as I will pick pieces that were originally used as wallpaper for interior decorating.





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