As we are limited to a two minute maximum running time this will heavy affect how the story will be told in my short film. Each shot/scene must have a purpose and must be utilised well. How and where we are shooting it affects the plot – as the actors and the people I film with be people at campus it makes the most amount of sense to film during lesson or at lunch period. Meaning that we would be stuck filming in or around the Lewes campus. However this all has its upsides as their are a lot of empty rooms with good natural and synthetic lighting what can be used somehow in the plot. A lot of these rooms have blank walls, what with props can be transformed into anything from a bedroom or a office.

My current idea revolves around the idea of the feeling of time and how someone will experience time versus someone else – for example a more impatient person would get more frustrated at being left waiting for a long time, this feeling is something that I think most people have experienced and something they can relate with. I have mainly planned, though storyboarding, to focus on this annoyed characters and his frustration as I think it’s more relatable. However I should also look into the other characters and how his convenience of time is set more in reality and that the two are only waiting for a very short amount of time.


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