The Breif…

For this assignment, I was set to make a 2 minute short film that conveyed the passage of time. This brief was incredible open to interpretation. with only on real stipulation, to use time-lapse in some way – this could also be interpreted in many different ways as how you interpret a time-lapse could vary.


All this free-range was quite intimidating, as I have to focus on one idea out of possibly millions – I’m not fixed to say a “Dark Comedy set in Scotland following a group of addicts” I have to choose something and focus on it for the next how many weeks I have to finish this project.

My first thought when when I read the brief was time travel, as it the brief is asking for a film about the passage of time this makes the most sense. It’s a good theme as their is already a lot of reference material out there already, in both long and short film form. Its also has a nice balance between being free-range as the plot device of time travel allows you to see anything in any time frame for your characters in your film, but you’re also tied down (purely in more plot-driven films) by the story. For example, in most time travel tv show or movies the characters will travel off somewhere but will find themselves in danger or have changed something what they must fix to get back. A classic story line, what has many variables what you can change and play around with.



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