Well Designed Sites…

Once again looking into my target audiences I have picked out two websites what I like the style of, and what suit the look I have imagined in my head (however the colours – for the most part will be different) both sites, Ace and Tate and Acne Studios, are very image focused letting the select images – and video – sell the site (and their products) with the text being secondary to this, only being used to add context. For example on a product page for both sites (“mens-sunglasses” or “new-arrivals”) 99% of the context is images, because they are at a certain level of cleanness and detail where you don’t need to know anything about it. The only text you get is streamlined down to; (depending on the site) name of product, cost, colour, size and though colour on the “size” availability of the size. These sites are also responsive you can hover over the image and it will show you another side or colour of the product what means you don’t have to open up the product to see and hidden detail.

These small attention to detail and how the shopper thinks are what make these two sites well designed, they have though about how the user think – how it’s annoying to be 50 items deep into a page and you open up an item, then to find out it’s not as you thought it was then to go back and scroll back to where they were.


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